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Npower Batch C: Don't do this if you have already submitted your Npower test.

Congratulations to all 2020 Npower Applicants who have successfully written and submitted their test. I am congratulating you because alot of persons have not even gotten to that stage.

Some are still struggling with BVN validation, and the issue of login to emails and other challenges.

However, in order not to make all efforts already put in place a wasted one, those who have successfully submitted their test must ensure they don't attempt clicking on take test again.

Do not try it. After you must have written your test and have it submitted, the 'take test feature' will still be reflecting on your nasim profile. Until after some period of time, or even days, then the "take test" feature will change to "view test result".

Some Applicants have taken the advantage of the fact that the 'take test' feature takes some times before changing to 'view test result' and attempted writing another test and that led to their accounts been blocked. Please note that once you submit your test, you are no longer eligible to rewrite it.

Thanks for reading.

If you have any question or challenges, you can put it down in the comments section.

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