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Private school teachers: How have you been coping during this COVID-19 pandemic?

How do people survive three months without salary?

Just can't imagine, even with a regular salary, life is a struggle talkless of going three months without salary.

My appreciation goes out to our teachers in private school who have lived through this time. 

Seriously it has not been easy. Because my mum is also a private school teacher and also the family's bread winner, but thank God things went well for us even though she hasn't been paying a salary for three months now. She does home tutorials for some students which help her in feeding and providing for the family.

While she is not employed directly by school, her company is contracted to teach the schools tech courses. 

Lockdown has been a blessing for us despite not being paid for a few months.

May God help all private school teachers.

And also pray God help the government to fight this Covid-19 so life will become normal as-usual.

You can also Share your experience how you are coping during this lockdown.

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