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A School in Borno State converted it classroom into poultry farm(photos)

It has been about 3 months since Nigeria relaxed the lockdown on the Society. The effect of this virus have force many people into new ideas, that will earn them money to survive through this difficult period.

Schools in Nigeria is still on lockdown and while other schools organize 'online learning', others can't afford to organized because of the high maintenance involve in it.

Many teachers are really affected, especially the private teachers who are definitely passing through hard times currently.

Currently a picture of a school that is now converted into poultry farm is trending online. This picture was posted by Idris Umar Idris jos on his Facebook page.

According to Idris Umar, the picture was taken in Borno state. He alledge that it is a classroom in the state.

What do you think about this, do you think the school authority did wrong by turning the classroom into a poultry farm.

With this development in the school, do you think is advisable for parents to allowed their children back to the school.

Drop your opinion and don't forget to share for others to see and contribute.

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