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This is My Funny "Night class". Experience during my final year exams preparation in the university.

Every once in a while, people especially students do things which could be termed abnormal just to stay awake at night and be able to read. Infact, it is a popular belief that almost every student who ever attended a Nigerian university must have spent at least a night outside of the comfort of his or her room trying to study to a test of an exams. This is what we refer to as "Night class". Some people go as far as putting their legs inside water, I don't know if that works.

This is my funny experience

During my final year in the university, we were bombarded with exams and test from front and back. It was really exhausting to say the least. I would have to read from morning to night and also had little or no sleep at all. After the initial bombardment, we had a week break before our final papers. Life is all about sacrifices, so I decided to make my own sacrifice so I could pass.

I decided to take at least two or three days before I begin to prepare for my final papers. This was important to clear my head. This two or three days turned to a week if resting. I was so exhausted from previous exams that I did not realize that a week had already passed. I had my final papers the next day. It was HAEMATOLOGY 502 (cytogenetics). My books kept looking at me like "When was I going to read them."

I told myself I have to stay awake all night. Anytime I remember what happened that day I can't stop laughing at myself. So I decided to read a little in the morning and sleep all afternoon so I could be able to read all night. I woke up by 6pm, took my bath, bought two sachets of coffee and also coke. I poured the coffee in the coke and went for "Night class". Little did I know I was just wasting my time with all these preparations.

On getting to the school auditorium, I was already feeling the effects of the coffee, my eyes were wide-open and I was ready to start reading. Entering the auditorium, it was filled with people who has been reading since morning. My mind told me to leave that place but I did not listen. I sat back and started reading. Not before long, those who were reading since morning bagan to sleep. I was like, "are you people not writing exams tomorrow too."

The ripple effect that came with those around me sleeping was tremendous. Infact the sleep was contagious. One by one they all started falling asleep and I was the only one left reading. I looked at my watch, it was barely past 11, I had been reading for close to five hours now. I still has a lot to cover and I was determined to finish. An idea just came to my mind immediately.

So I told myself to just lay down on the bench and sleep for maybe an hour, then I would continue reading. I told myself this was the voice of wisdom and I should listen to it.

I set my alarm clock to 12 o'clock and I slept off. The next thing that happened will forever remain funny. I was awoken by the sounds of fresh year students entering the hall to write exams.I was so shocked I could not even talk. I looked around, it was only me that wasn't in first year. I checked the time, it was ten minutes past eight. I just realized I slept through out the night. My phone was buzzing with missed calls as friends were already calling me to tell me that my exams would soon start.

I did not even bother taking my bath anymore. I just took my stuffs and ran to the exam hall. That would be one of the funniest days of my life. My friends could not stop laughing at me when they found our what happened. After that day, I stopped anything night class. I still had to run back to the hall to get my bag,I left it while trying to run to my exam hall.

I learnt my lesson the funny and hard way. Night class is not for everyone. And do not wait until it's the last hour before you read your books. learn from my funny story.dont be like me.

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