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4 Things That May Happen If School Doesn't Resume This Year (Opinion)

Resumption is one of the major matters that the masses are shouting to be considered. Students have been asked to return back home since March, 2020 while schools were closed. These were due to the breakouts of coronavirus in Nigeria. At least the government must

put some things in place to prevent the spread and alleviation of the virus, so they had no choice than to lockdown most places people meet and interact in person.

Almost four months now that the closure was announced, there has been no concrete talk about the total resumption of schools. Phenomenally, there is nothing that happens without its effects; whether positive or negative. A look should be put into things and events that might happen if schools don’t resume in Nigeria till 2021, with these foresights, could we be able to know how well we should prepare for the future.

Reduction in economy

Prospective people who work in accordance with school’s calendar are now been forced to find another means of survival. This set of people includes private schools owners, transporters, food sellers, traders and many others who their main buyers or customers are students. These people contribute directly or indirectly to the growth of Nigeria’s economy. With their hands out of the helping contribution, the economy might reduce drastically to a low one.

Increase in crime rates

As much as we would have thought there will be no connection with the resumption and crime rate, there are more reasons to back it up. Many people whose consumers are students are jobless. There are lockdowns and restriction to movements and these people must put in foods into theirs and their family’s mouths. We should expect more crimes like robbery, burglary, fraud and many others when they get tired of begging for help.

Evolution of a new learning system

Online classes have been put in place already in many private schools. Even examinations were done in Adeleke University, Ede, Osun state and Babcock University, and both did theirs online. Many other universities are making efforts at educating their students without being available physically. Aired channels are also helping by broadcasting programs subjects were taught. If school doesn’t reopen till 2021, there will be more available online tutorials and the evolution of a new learning system in Nigeria.

Increase in self employment and hustling amidst students

People who are affected by the closure of schools are looking for ways to meet their needs. There are noticeable increases in self-employment. People take up to farming, local trades, online business, blogging and even Whatsapp accounts are now shops of many youths and students who are tired of asking their parents for money. In no time, the shout of “Education na scam” from self-earning students will fill everywhere and sure it’s an advantage. Now imagine if these continues till 2020.

There might be issues where Nigerians aren’t able to compete against other countries education, more idle citizens and frustrated workers. This should give Nigerians foresights on how well we should be and expect at the worst of schools not resuming soon.

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