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All Nigerian Graduates That Doesn't Have a Job Yet Should be Paid 30,000 Naira Every Month [OPINION]

In my opinion, it will be great if the government starts paying Nigerian graduates that are yet to be employed or doesn't have anything doing especially those that are through with their NYSC. I said thirty thousand Naira because that is Nigeria's minimum wage.

This fund will help them set up things of their own and become independent. Most of these graduates have ideas that can fetch them little wealth of their own but most of them lack the capital to explore these ideas. A steady source of income will be a positive step towards this.

There is this popular slang that is being used by some undergraduates; "las las school a scam". This slang does not encourage many especially potential undergraduates. Some even think that the only important thing they can get from the university is a certificate. If people see that graduates are getting little help from the government, they will know that their future is somehow secured if they choose education.

Again, these graduates will give back to society someday. When these graduates are able to set up something for themselves, they can contribute immensely to Nigeria's Economy. Some investors may even become interested in what they do and invest in their various businesses. This may even help create more employment opportunities.

In addition to this, crime rates will likely reduce. It is no longer news that most of our youths including graduates engage in various form of Cybercrime. Most of them make silly excuses, blaming the government for not catering for them. I believe this can help those that want to make an honest living.

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