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NYSC Program Should Be Extended To Three Years [Opinion]

The reason behind the NYSC program is to allow graduates of tertiary Institutions to give back to society in their little way.

It is why you see them working in the local government offices, public schools, even during election period you see them assisting with voters registrations.

Reasons why NYSC Should Be Extended To Three Years

1 Lack Of Employment

Nigeria in a state where unemployment is making a mockery of our able youths.

According to Aljazeera website, Nigerians unemployed are 55.4 percent at the of over 15-35.

It is tragic to spend all those years in school and still come out looking for a job.

But with the NYSC, the government provides a place for you where you can stand for sometime, some Corpers get lucky to recieve salaries where they are posted.

2 End To Tribalism

The transfer of corpers across the states have given a lot of individuals a taste of Nigeria's great heritage.

An Igbo corper posted to a Yoruba region will get to understand how things work over there and with time learn to accomadate their differences.

But with One year, that cannot be acheived.

3 Thirty-Three Thousand Naira Allowance 

Some NYSC Corpers who passed out this year aren't happy, deep down they know that money went a long way in assisting them.

You might say they have recieve something to help them step into the society, but have you done the maths?

How far can 33,000 Naira take you in one year in another mans land?. 

If they were able to save upto three years, am sure most of them will be their own bosses after Youth Service.

What do you think, is this a good idea?

Let me know if you have anything against it in the comment session.

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