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20 Everyday Words Like 'Verbatim' and 'Hiccough' that Even University Dons Mispronounce

Life has been programmed in a way that ensures that even the wisest man learns every day. Hence education is continuous for the open minded.

There are many simple every day English words which many educated people pronounce wrongly. We can safely say that even highly educated people like professors and public leaders are usually found wanting in the pronunciation of more than 50% of the words.

Check them out and see for yourself if you knew their pronunciation.

1. Mores

This word is not pronounced [morz] or [mors]. It's correct pronunciation is [morayz]. Doubting? Google it.

2. Plait

This popular word is not pronounced [playt]. It's correct pronunciation is [plat], like saying 'flat'.

3. Sword

Many enlightened people still pronounce this word with the [w] e.g. [sword]. But it's correct pronunciation is [sord].

4. Cognac

This high quality brandy is French in origin hence it's strange pronunciation [konyak]. You'll be wrong to pronounce it according to its spelling e.g. [kognak].

5. Poignant

This is another word similar to the previous word. It's pronunciation is [poinyant] not [poignant].

6. Suite

This word is different in pronunciation from 'suit'. The correct pronunciation is [sweet] (yes, like saying 'sweet'), not [soot] or [syoot].

7. Assume

The correct pronunciation of this word often shocks many. It's [asyoom] not [azyoom].

8. Stipend

This word is not pronounced [stipend] but [staipend]. Again, feel free to Google it.

9. Flour

This word is pronounced the same as the word 'flower'. There's no need joining the multitude to say [floor]. It's wrong.

10. Sachet

This common word is pronounced [sashay] not [sachet].

11. Above

This is another word which suffers mispronunciation from many users. It's wrong to pronounce it [abov]. The correct pronunciation is [abav]. 

12. Wednesday

Another word whose correct pronunciation startles many educated people is Wednesday. It's correct pronunciation is [wenzday]. Please take note. You can Google it too, if you like.

13. Steward

Please don't crucify me when I tell you that the correct pronunciation is [styuod], not [stiword].

14. Verbatim

This very popular word on many public speakers lips has had its pronunciation serially abused. It's not [vebatim] but [vebaytm]. 

15. Hiccough

Please pronounce this word as [hikop], not as [hikof]. An alternate spelling for it is 'hiccup'.

16. Vision

This word is pronounced [vijn], not [vishon].

17. Pressure

Another word that embarrasses educated people is pressure. It's pronounced [preshur] not [prejo]/[prejur].

18. Fork

This word needs no twisting to get it right. It's plain [fork] not [ferk]. Please take note before our students fail Oral English because of our twisted pronunciations.

19. Plumber

This word is pronounced without the 'b' i.e. [ploma].

20. Ewe

The correct pronunciation of this word is [yu], like 'you.'

Was this article helpful? Or do you doubt that their pronunciation is tricky? We can discuss more in the comment section.

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