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NYSC Should Be Scrapped Immediately Because Of This 4 Reasons (Opinion)

Opinion: 4 Reasons Why Nysc Must Be Scrapped With Immediate Effect

So today we are going to be talking about the national youth service corps also called nysc,am going to be giving you just 4 short and serious reasons why that scheme should be scrapped and replace immediately with the mandatory one year military service, or better still after University our graduates should be left to face life and at the end of this article am sure you will agree with me.

1. Part of the aim of this nysc program is to allow students give back to the society in their own little way, through community services and other ways, that is why you will see so many of them working in the local government offices, public schools, even during election time you will see them working, but that should not be so, that is the time they are suppose to use in recovering the resources that they have spent in the university, if government is so much bothered about them giving back to the community let them make it compulsory for every citizen to participate in community services.

2. Another reason why nysc should be scrapped is because most of the graduates there don't even understand why they are in camps, many do not even remember their first semester courses, they are just there to snap pictures in a very beautiful outfit and partake in little training exercise, that is why a youth copper will serve the country for just 9 months but they will come back with one million pictures, some will even go as far as almost going naked on the cloths all in the name of fashion.

3. Another reason why it should be scrapped is that the money they are been paid is not enough,let take me for instance, after my university I get a job immediately with a nice salary of 100k but I can't start immediately because I have to go and serve the government for nine months just to be collecting 33k it's not a nice initiative at all.

4. Another reason why it should be scrapped is that if the scheme was so important how come we don't see any of the children of top politicians serving their fatherland, instead they leave it to people who do not have the resources to buy the the certificate, the system should be changed.

Let all the months salary be added up together and given to each graduate in other to establish them in anything that will be useful to the growth of the economy of this country.

If you would like to drop your own views and opinion please feel free to use the comments section, and please don't forget to like and share this post, until we get the desired changed.

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