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How a University gives admission to its applicants

I once thought that only brilliance can give one university admission. I merely knew about "JAMB UTME" then, but I knew that it was a token to gain the admission.

I wrote the "JAMB UTME" during the interim of my "WAEC" preparation. I scored above the cut-off mark even if I wasn't eager to take the exam that year. My concerned parents were the ones who had advised me to take the exam, but I still didn't gain the admission. I thought that my high "UTME" score was the only ticket that I needed, so I failed to do my homework by engaging in the necessary research.

I still had another year to correct my first mistake, but I was too ignorant to realize that I had lost the first admission because I wasn't on the right line. This time around, I scored higher than the previous one. I was told that there was still a need for another exam. I prepared for it, but technical issues on their side failed me. After my second failure, I then got to understand the system. 

If you miss admission into any university of your choice, it is partly your fault. You need to brace up and ensure that you completely understand the system before you go into it.

Individual Universities have their own way of selecting applicants. They do not operate with the same screening approach. If you must choose any university, then you must know how they select their students. Some of them do their selection based on scores while others do theirs based on logistics.

Have you ever wondered why even most applicants with low scores get admission than those with high scores? This is strictly based on their applied course. If a particular course has finished admitting those with high scores and there is still room for more, then those with low scores could still be considered.

The situation of getting admission is surprising because most up and coming applicants do not know about "JAMB CAPS" (Central Admission Processing System). It is a platform where you can either accept or reject any admission. When you accept the admission, you can then print your admission letter. If you accept an admission with a different course, then you will need to do a change of course to that course before you can be able to print your admission letter. You can also access the marketplace and do other important things on your "CAPS".

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