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5 Proven Techniques To Help You Pass WASSCE/NECO Examination

WASSCE - Which is the West African Senior School Certificate Examination is a type of standardized test administered by WAEC and offered to candidates residing in Anglophone West African countries as the academic school-leaving qualification awarded upon successful completion of senior high school.

Under the new WASSCE grading system, A1 is Excellent, B2 is Very Good, B3 is Good, C4, C5, C6 are define as Credit, D7 and E8 is Pass and F9 is Fail.

Check the table below for these details. You can also visit our site and download this new WASSCE grading system unto your phone or computer for free.


A11Excellent80% - 100%

B22Very good70% - 79%

B33Good65% - 69%

C44Credit60%- 64%

C55Credit55% - 59%

C66Credit50% - 54%

D77Pass45% - 49%

E88Pass40% - 44%

F99Fail0% - 39%

How Prepared Are You?

If you are 44.9% prepared for a particular subject in WASSCE, then am afraid to say that there is a problem. Because to get accepted into your dream university or tertiary institution, you are expected to get at least a credit pass (50%) in your core subjects.

WASSCE like any exam has never been an easy task. In fact, most people are frightened at the thought of having to face the West African Examination Council (WAEC) exam for Senior High School.

Indeed other exams organized by the Council like the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) are also not easy. It comes with its own difficulty but the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) is the most dreadful of all for most students.

So many things will go wrong if you fail and that is why it is important for you to do all it takes to pass WASSCE.

The following are 5 proven techniques to help you pass WASSCE:

Techniques # 1:

Work on your mind.

The important thing you should be doing is to start working on your mind.

Do you know that most students who fail WASSCE fail because they never saw themselves passing in the first place?

They see the WAEC as a panel that’s already judged them before their first trial appearance.

And if they had an option, they’d not appear for the exam at all.

These students lose the battle in their mind even before it’s fought.

When you have a strong desire to succeed, your body would be programmed and you’ll be move to chase it, so lit your fire of desire today. Let it BURN.

Techniques # 2:

Go through past questions.

Beyond the mind games that can help you succeed, there is the practical aspect too, which is equally important. It is no brainer that WAEC exams are often filled with repeated questions from the past, of course with different values but the same concepts.

It is often said that WAEC will not “import and strange question from anywhere”. It will set questions from what is in the SHS syllabus. For an examination body that has been conducting the SHS exams for more than 10 years, you can be rest-assured that if you have gone through all the questions they have ever set, you can comfortably ready yourself for their next exam without anxiety.

This has worked for most people. Some even say that going through past question is the best thing to do when you have studied nothing and your exam is only a few days away.

This is not a guarantee but as a personal guide, the 5 consecutive previous exams will be important for your study.

Techniques # 3:

Study with a plan.

Going through past questions is different from studying. The difficulty for most of us is the discipline to sit down for 2 or 3 hours or even more to study. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to studying, not even studying past questions can replace this because without getting a general understanding of concepts, the past questions cannot help you much.

Just like school schedule, a study plan can block off some days and times in your calendar and will help you dedicate these days and times only for studies.

Discipline yourself to take some time to study, even if you think it is a “soft subject”. Make use of jotters and small notepads.

Techniques # 4:

You come first.

Knowing that you come first doesn’t mean you should be selfish or anti-social.

But you need to know that, after high school, you and your friends are most likely to go separate ways. But your WAEC results will go with you wherever you go.

So whatever you do should be to your best interest.

If you fail the WAEC examination at the expense of helping others, you’re to blame.

Note that, helping others is not bad, but when the help you give them becomes a liability, you need to cut it off. Remember, it’s your life.

Techniques # 5:

Don’t depend on anyone.

If you plan to depend on someone on the examination day, you may end up disappointed, frustrated and dejected.

You see humans cannot be 100% trusted. Your best friend who even promised to help you on the exam day may disappoint you.

Your girlfriend or teachers may not be able to help you either.

So my advice to you is: Learn and prepare to stand on your own because you are your best savior.”


Keep calm and don’t stress yourself up. There are some people who faint in exam hall due to excessive anxiety. So just relax and deliver. Use these 5 proven techniques work at your own pace according to the time allotted.

To help you do this, make sure that before you step out of your house, you have confirmed the examination time and your subject.

Even though you may be aware of the time you are writing the exams, make sure you double-check the morning of your paper, check that you have all the necessary tools for that paper, the time the paper is starting, your index number and so all of that.

With these 5 proven techniques in mind, you should be good to go and be without fear of failing WASSCE.

I wish you nothing but success.

What strategies do you have that can help you pass WASSCE? Share your techniques below.

Content created and supplied by: Ademola_Jnr (via Opera News )

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