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#MondayMotivation! How This 14-Year-Old Became a Guinness World Record Holder Will Surprise You

When you put your mind to something, you can achieve anything.

This is exactly the story of 14-Year-Old Monty Lord, a schoolboy who decided he wanted to be in the record books.

How? By learning the first lines of as many works as he could.

Presently, Lord is a Guinness World Record holder after identifying 129 books consecutively just from their opening sentence.

He beat the previous record, a mere 30, held by a man in India.

Monty became fascinated by the powers of memory while doing a distance learning course in psychology.

When his father Fabian Lord, a TV producer, challenged him to get into the record books, he accepted and picked on the feat for the most consecutive books identified from their first sentence.

Monty studied the openings of 200 works using visualisation techniques.

He then sat in a classroom at his school, St Joseph’s High in Bolton, and was filmed as Mr Lord read out 130 opening lines.

He would have identified all 130 correctly had his 44-year-old father not made a mistake at the start, saying the title instead of the opening line of the first book.

The feat should come as no surprise as Monty is already an author – he released his first book, Freaky School, when he was just seven – and put his memory skills to the test last summer when he recited the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic, the language of Jesus, at his father’s wedding... a task he said he found harder.

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