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4 Reasons Why Most Nigerian Graduates Struggle Financially After School

Education is undoubtedly the best legacy but being educated does not guarantee that you will be financially stable unless you learn a skill and satisfy some other factors. Nothing can be compared to education and literacy is the only thing that can never be taken away from someone even after a lifetime. Once you're educated, it is permanent in you. 

Looking at the present situation of things in Nigeria, I'm sure you would have seen a lot of uneducated people and drop outs who have made it and are controlling millions. Many are still ignorant of the fact that even though they're educated, they need to have a marketable skill that can fetch them money in this country where there is low employment rate.

It is quite obvious that a large number of Nigerian graduates suffer after school despite spending many years learning and thousands of hours studying. What is the cause of this issue and how do we tackle it? 

Below are 4 major reasons why most Nigerian graduates have financial difficulties after school and what can be done to tackle this issue.  

1. Lack of job opportunities

This is the number one reason why graduates struggle financially after leaving school. I have seen situations whereby a student who finished with a second class upper Cgpa washes cars to survive, first class students who works in a bakery and lots more. 

Picture is used for illustrative purpose.

Thus job opportunities needs to be created so that life can be better for our youths and job seekers. 

2. Laziness

A proverb says no food for lazy man. Don't expect to eat when you choose to be lazy. Money won't fly to you, you have to work for it.

3. Lack of Skill

Many students just go to school and graduate without learning any skill that can fetch them money. There are so many skills to learn e.g copywriting, coding, programming, freelancing, hairdressing, catering, article writing etc 

Education will cure your literacy but your skill will cure poverty in your life. 

4. Poor grades and lack of connection

We all know that it will be very difficult for someone who finished with a 3rd class or pass in higher institution to get a job simply because the person doesn't have a good result.

If you are well connected in this present Nigeria, you will have little or no issues because almost everything now requires knowing someone.

Don't just depend on your certificate! Hustle hard and get a skill so you can live a comfortable life.

What are your thoughts on this? Feel free to ask questions and drop your comments below.

Content created and supplied by: Opooryeye (via Opera News )

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