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From Begging For School Fees To Paying It Myself With Money I Earned From Opera Mini News Hub

My name is davou dongo and I will be sharing my testimony with you, I am a student from plateau state university bokkos and I now pay my school fees myself from the money I earned from opera mini news hub


I am the only surviving child of my late father, my mother wants me to go school but she can't sponsor me because she is not working and I really want to study microbiology a course I like so much but, my mom will have to beg my uncles before she can be able to pay for my school fees

So I wanted to help my mother from the shame of asking my uncles for money every time to pay my tuition fee, a friend of mine now told me I can join opera mini news hub if I actually want to help myself and my mom, so I joined in August 2020

I started with a plagiarized article not knowing that the system don't want plagiarism, it got rejected and I wrote my first article myself which got more than eight thousand clicks so it really encourage me and I continued to write, in my first month I was paid thirteen thousand naira

Originality is the key

I don't use to have much clicks but when you write original article, you will be paid more than you expected. Not copying from another source is not bad but using word to word is what makes it not an original article, then that is how I did and I was able to raised my school fees

My school fees is 36,000 thousand naira and I raised the money within two months as I started creating quality articles, it reached a certain stage where I wanted given up but I felt motivated with the monthly highest paid writers on the hub

Am from plateau state in jos and a student of the university of bokkos, I am now in my year four in the university of bokkos plateau state, with this dependable source of revenue I don't bother my parents on some things like food stuffs and handout for my studies

Because within 3 months that is from January to March, I was able to make up to 59,000 thousand which I used it to pay my tuition fee and my bills I am now a happy student. With opera mini news hub, I will be able to work on project without waiting for money somewhere

If you are a student, you need to join opera mini news hub and make real money for yourself and also establish a very good business with the money, remember that quality is the key if you want to cash out big

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