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New Senior Secondary Curriculum: What NERDC Should Focus On

As the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC) prepare to revise the curriculum of Senior Secondary Schools in Nigeria, stakeholders must contribute optimally to ensure that the best curriculum is developed.

Many aspects of our lives are now controlled by technology. The council should work towards a curriculum that will promote technology. One way of doing this is by making Computer Science a compulsory subject in our Senior Secondary Schools. The content of the subject should include Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Data Processing, Graphic Design and Programming. It should be made practical-based so that an average secondary school graduate will be well-placed for self-employment.


Entrepreneurship should become a standalone subject. The subject should be structured in such a way that the students will begin every academic session with training in financial management. Each school should be allowed to choose a trade on which students will be trained. The average person in Nigeria seems to be dependent on government for employment. With good entrepreneurial knowledge coupled with knowledge of computer and a trade, the school boy will be self-sufficient while preparing for higher education.

Civic Education as a subject should also be restructured but should remain compulsory. The subject should be redesigned to include Brief History/Culture of Nigeria Peoples, Pollution Control and General Geography of Nigeria. This will enable students to get accustomed to the various cultures of people outside their tribe and location. It will facilitate the campaign against environmental pollution. The techniques of applying first aid should also be given good attention in the subject. This will make it possible for each student to be his brother’s keeper.

Economics should be made compulsory for all senior secondary school students. This will boost the financial knowledge that will acquire in Entrepreneurship class. It will also help them to gain admission into MBA programs.

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