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Latest News This Thursday Night: ASUU vs FG Saga, See What ASUU Just Said That Got Students Talking

The Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU has given Nigeria undergraduates seven (7) pieces of advice on how to spend their time because of the union’s indefinite strike. ASUU who gave The Federal Government time during the #EndSARS Protests period to sort out and pay all outstanding and allowances they owe their members has now tweeted something that make Nigeria students wonder if there's a possibility of schools being reopened again.

The union in a Twitter post advised the students to seize the strike opportunity to get a skill and add value to their lives.

They said:

“This strike is an opportunity for any undergraduate to get a skill or get a hand work. Students should always seize opportunities to add value to their life. At no time will conditions be favourable. Successful people only seize opportunities. They Academic Staff Union of Universities Further Gave some tips to students on how they should spend the time they have now. They gave 7 ways which are briefly listed below...

-Intern or get a small-time job; They said this may be a great time to draft your CV and pitch yourself to employers. 

-Join or open a family business;

They said Some of us have ‘family businesses’. This the business our parents have been doing for some time. It can be a big-time company or a small supermart, whichever it's just make use of it while you have the time before anything comes up again.

-Find or Learn a new skill;

They used an example which says, I have an engineer friend who makes a living today from graphics design. He learnt it while we were in school. There’s almost no limit to the skills you can learn during this free time you have in hand.

-Be active in church or mosque, other groups

They said students should Be a part of people who make things work, don't just sit your lazy self down and watch other people do things, Join a group in church, your community, and be active in it. 

-Travel; They also mentioned travelling, they said there’s no harm in travelling if you can afford it and have the chance. Travelling is also a form of learning. If you happen to have relations scattered around Nigeria and abroad, consider travelling. 

-Read books;

We don’t mean only School or course-related books. Take up a novel, read a book on investment, study Nigerian history, look up spiritual books. Read far and wide.

-Have fun; lastly they mentioned having fun and spending time with loved ones. It’s perfectly okay to spoil yourself a little. You can watch your favourite TV series, play football, go to more events etc.

See how Students Reacted...

We earlier saw that the President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari Urged Nigeria youths or students to go into Agriculture as it ll be for the betterment of the country and improve our economy, Well what do you think about this development, do they have Nigeria Youths in hearts or they just want more money for themselves, what do you think and what is the fate of a Nigerian Student???

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