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See Five Ways To Excel As A Student.

Many students find it hard to read and pass their exams. I will be giving you key points to enable pass your exams. They are;

1. Set your goal and try to achieve it.

Make up your mind that you are going to read. Relax your brain. Try not to remember any distressful thought. For example a dead loved one.

2. Create a reading time table that is convenient for you.

When creating a time table mix the subjects you know well and the ones you do not know in a day. For example, if you know English Language very well and you do not know Mathematics fix the both in a day. Do not fix hard ones for a particular day and leave the simple ones for another day.

3. Find out the best time of the day you understand better.

Some people love reading in the day time while some prefer night time. As a student know the time of the day which favors you more, for easy learning.

4. Do not pile up notes, read them continuously.

Some students are fond of reading only when it's exam period. To become a successful student develop the habit of reading everyday or five times a week depending on when it's convenient and you will be able to catch up faster.

5. Create a leisure time for yourself.

There is a popular adage that says "All work and no play makes Jack and Jane dull people". Balance your activities play when necessary and work when necessary.

I believe if you adhere to these points, you will become strong academically.

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