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Students should take a look at these class memes and Identify their category

Most schools if not all have these set or type of students in every class, if you are or was once a student then take a look at the memes below and identify where you are to be classified by commenting on the post.

1.2. The oppressors: They are usually wicked set of people, they are very wicked and brutal, you are not even allowed to step on their shadow.

3. The ITK 's: They are usually very annoying set of people. They normally ask irrelevant questions just to get the teachers attention.

4. Association of Beggers: This set will make you go start hiding like a thief just to eat your own food. 5. The punctuals: These are very descent set of people. They normally come early, sometimes you will be wondering if they slept at school.

6. Association of mouth odour: These set are really dangerous, they can make you loose appetite even after eating. 7. The backbenchers: Backbenchers are usually kind, funny and stupid, without them, school is boring.8. The fighters:These are very mean set of students, though we like them, especially when they help us beat teachers.

9. The quiet ones: These set are usually quiet. They normally behave matured but not all are brilliant.10. The thieves: These set of people are low budget hushpuppi and are found in most class.11. The deeper life sisters who are always claiming forever holy but will still spoil at last.

12. The funny ones: These set are usually backbenchers, and they always convert everything to joke.13. The dirty ones: These ones are scared of water, they don't wash their uniform talk more of taking their bath. 14. The slay Queens: They will always be forming like they are related to Dangote but true you're better than them. 15. The Newscasters: If you don't avoid these set, they will end up putting you in trouble.

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Association of Beggers


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