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How Hope Made Me overcome my hardship Of "Expulsion" From University

I am one of those who went through more hardships of hopeless situations in life. The space here will not be enough to write about it. But, I can tell you I am qualified by my own trials, tribulations, hardships and hopeless situations to have plenty enough of it “under my belt.” Only through my own trust in God. Who loves me, I was able to survived.

The hardest, rudest awakening I had ever gone through was the day I was expelled in the University.

I got admitted to Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko some years ago after I passed jamb.

The first school criteria was that, you must have credit in five subjects includes Maths and English, and I hard 8 credit includes Maths and English.

The second criteria was that you must score below 200 in your JAMB, and I scored above 200.

The third criteria was that you must score below 40 mark in POST JAMB exam but I scored 39. After they calculated everything, I had average score of 65% and the average score of the department was 58%.

After my first semester exam, my CGPA was 3.9. I wasn't happy because my expectations was to have 4.6 above. In my second semester, I prepared very well to meet up with my expectations. Though, national strike delayed us for three months and I went back to city. After the government call off the strike, we all resumed back to school. The examination time-table was out few days later because the examination must be done before Christmas according to school management. To cut the whole story short, the examination lasted for three weeks and they gave us two weeks Xmas break.

Thereafter, we resumed 200 level after a short break in January. I have already gotten all materials needed for first semester 200L. On the January 28, the head of department (HOD) called me and said, "sorry little boy life is not ended here, I got a letter from management that you did not meet up with school criteria for admission." And he gave me envelope with letter inside.

I opened the envelope and the letter goes thus, " Dear Mr......., We would like to inform you that you did not meet up with our guidelines and standards for admission. Due to which we want to inform you that your current enrollment was a fake and you are hereby expelled with immediately effects."

After I read the letter, I became depressed, weeping, hopeless, devastated, and felt all was over. I walked for 5 hours with the letter in my hand and school bag on my back, not knowing where I was heading to, as I was walking, I was talking to myself and laughing. Thank God for my friends that contacted my brother in the school and informed him, I could have just walked for hundreds of miles and got mad.

My friends were following me unknowingly, if not, I wouldn't have been found. They called my brother and told him that "we have been monitoring your brother for the past five hours since he received termination letter from HOD and he kept walking and talking but we are monitoring his situation".

They described the location to him, and he came with motorcycle, he didn't even call my name but jus held my hand and we went together. I never knew anything again till the next day.

In the next day, when I woke up in the morning, he told me to 'take my bath' that we are going somewhere. He took me to Cyber cafe and bought another JAMB form for me and told me that "i knew you are very sound academically, don't give up but fight it. Behind every star there is scar."

After few days, I went back to City, I kept HOPING MY FUTURE IS BRIGHTER. On the April the same year, I sat for JAMB again and I passed wonderfully far better than the first one I wrote. I prepared for POST JAMB like never before and I was given a merit admission in the same University. All this is because I choose HOPE OVER HOPELESS SITUATION.


• I refused to let my past story defined my moment and HOPED on my future: I focused my attention on the present and hoped on my future rather than the past, I did not allowed my past to affect my present moment or my mood. Though Sometimes, those thoughts came up but I overcame it with perception that "everyone has his/her own Challenges, if I allowed my challenges to overcome me, I am a failure and coward."

• I was very attentive to how past pain can affect my physical body: I knew that our mind and spirit is very powerful, possessed ability to control your body. I started feeding my mind and spirit with inspirational and motivation books- that was were I discovered life is a challenges. I also explored my body language and practiced ways to release pain on a physical level through music, meditation, and mind-body exercise such as yoga, dancing, computer games and so on.

• I learned radical self-care: I was mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually strong by taking time to exercise, eat healthy, meditate and pray. Treated myself in ways that enabled me to be more fully present anytime I was in a gathering or alone.

• I set my intention, focused my attention on it, and acted in keeping with it: I was inspiring myself with a “life map and pictures”: Gathered pictures and words that described the life i wanted and arranged them on a large sheet of paper. Displayed map or pictures of a good memory in a place where i can see it every day. It’s a kind of affirmation that helped me to choose desired direction on my reality by keeping it top-of-mind as i choose my actions each day.

I chose a life of HOPE RATHER THAN HOPELESS. I overcame my HOPELESS SITUATION WITH HOPE, and I overcame them in a positive way. I believe there are six major lessons for all souls to learn. They are HOPE love, compassion, humility, forgiveness and patience

In all, I strongly HOPED THAT MY FUTURE IS BRIGHTER THAN MY PAST. I had HOPE that everything will turnaround. Hope kept me going on. Today, I am a graduate.


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