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Npower Exiting Beneficiaries Does Not Need The GEEP Loan, Here Is What They Really Need (Opinion).

Recently the federal government of Nigeria made it known that the batch A and B beneficiaries of Npower programme will be getting disengage. The exit of the beneficiaries according to the government is to allow others who have not benefit from the Npower job scheme to benefit.

In view of the planned exit of the past Npower beneficiaries, the federal government is considering availability of soft loan to be offered to all exiting beneficiaries who would be interested. The loan is call GEEP loan. According to the Npower officials, the GEEP loan is to allow the disengaged beneficiaries start up something to make a living.

My Opinion:

This article seek to maintain that exiting beneficiaries of Npower doesn't really need the GEEP loan, what they deserve to be given is permanent job. 

It is important to remind the federal government to know that GEEP Loan cannot solve the deplorable state of unemployment, insecurities matters and poor outplaying of Education in the country. The batch A and B Beneficiaries of Npower across the Country needs permanent job not the GEEP Loan.

What is the idea behind depriving volunteers for governments job? Having serve the country for three years. The said exiting beneficiaries are not just school certificate holder but a graduate who are ready to serve the country. Let us review that of N-teach and N-health programmes which hold the important aspect of our country's activities, their job should be made permanent.

Permanent Jobs is what those young and vibrant youths need not a 300k or 500k GEEP loan.

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