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16 funny jokes and hilarious memes every teacher in Nigeria can relate to

Teachers are the greatest set of humans in the world. Because they impact knowledge to other humans. But as we all know humans are the hardest animal to control. Thereby making teachers go through hell while doing their progression.

Here are some hilarious and funny memes that you can relate to as a teacher.

1. When a student makes a joke in September:

We all know in the month of September schools begins a new term or session, and if you can recollect students and teachers are always friendly to each other due to the break and may be they've missed themselves.

2. Most teachers are underpaid

Despite the stress and hard work teachers go through to impact knowledge on students, majority of them are underpaid.

3. The stress taken to mark scripts

Teachers are great, back in secondary school I wonder how teachers find the time and power go mark students scripts.

4. Students and questions

Teachers will make sure they take their time to teach students in class, asked them if they have any questions only for students to run to his office when he gave them exercise to do.

4. Life of a teacher

Teachers are less complimented, its so painful

5. Trouble family

When you find out the most stubborn student in your class has 3 other siblings. This means that the teacher should be expecting three more stubborn student.

6. Teacher's joy

The joy you get when the whole class understand what you thought without stress.

7. Another bigger joy

That joy when all your stubborn students are not in school that day.

8. Frustrating questions

That feeling when you just explained a question to a student then another student asked the same question.

9. Teachers always take the blame

Nobody see the fault of the student they only see the teacher's even if the teacher is not to be blamed.

10. That moment when you feel like you're boring

We know how students can be, especially when you're using a free period or during late hours when they're hungry. And they be like Sir do fast and go. And you be like:

11. Dream of every teacher

Most teachers imagine teaching as something cute only to find out they're going to a war front.

12. Teachers are detective

Funny fact; A teacher can tell a student by his or her handwriting.

13. Questions paper

Sometimes a teacher can't be to mark all the scripts in school, so he had to bring them home, and most of the time those scripts are so plenty.

15. Students Noise

That noise students makes when a teacher leaves the classroom for few minutes.

16. Imbalance

Most teachers go through stress and work hard only to be paid a little token.

Thanks for reading 😌🙏💕

Which of the meme can you relate to?

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