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6 Exam Images That Only Students Can Relate With [PHOTO]

What are your associations with exams? Stress? Deadlines? Sleep deprivation? Procrastination?

Let us try to change this perspective. and try to prove that exams can be fun… well, especially when you are not the one that has to study for them and pass them.

To many students, school is fun only if there is no examination period. However, there is no promotion without examination.

Today we compiles 6 examination images that students will relate with;

When you get to the examination hall and everything just went blank…

…Jeez! I can’t believe this is happening…lol

The person sitting beside you keeps writing…

…and you are wondering if you are writing the same exam together…

When you sit down with an ‘over-sabi’ guy…

…you know are in for a serious drama…lol

When you are busy on your lane and that fine babe is giving you signs to open your work for her to copy…

…she is so so on her own…lol

That awkward moment the person you are copying cancels his work 2 minutes before submission…

…your F go get tail…lol

When that strict lecturer final catches you cheating…

… then you know there’s no escape


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