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7 Skills You Can Learn To Make Money Before Schools Resume

Being a student does not stop you from making money. And it is not too early to start learning all the necessary skills that are required in making money when schools resume.

It is very common these days that students are now looking for different legit ways to make money if peradventure schools resume.

Most Nigerians campus are full of business men who are students, some of them work in Cafe, school eatery while some people do online works which do not affect their studies.

This is why you have to read this article so you can get a glimpse of what is needed in making money when schools resume:

1. Graphic Designs: This is one of the skills that are currently selling. There is no any sector in school either religious or academic sectors which do not need a graphic designer. Your school politicians need a graphic designer for their campaigns, your lecturers and various religious groups also need a graphics designer. That is why you should learn graphics designing and it will of course, earn you big cash.

2. Video editing: editing video to make money will just be a freelance work for you as a student when schools resume. You can make cool cash from it immediately schools resume. All you need to do is telling people about your skills so that they can patronize you.

3. Vocational work: vocational works often sell in school. These are handworks you can do alongside with your studies and when you manage your time effectively, they will never affect your studies.

Examples of vocational works you can learn before schools resume are:

- Photography

- Fashion designing

- Barbing

- Leather works

- Hair dressing

- Make-up and many more.

4. Social media management: managing social media presence for people, individual and firms is another way to make money when schools resume. You have to start learning the skills now so you can get the experience before school's resumption.

5. Content development: developing and creating contents for blogs and website is one of the way you can make money when schools resume. Learn the skills of creating interesting contents. As a matter of fact, you can learn this skill online. All you need to do is to search "How can I learn content writing"

6. Blogging: This is another selling skill for youths and students. You can familiarize yourself with bloggers so you can learn all what it entails to start blogging. However, getting money from blogging needs time because you have to dedicate your time on it before you can start earning from it.

7. Web development/ design: This is the act of creating and designing websites for bloggers. It is another way you can earn money online when school resumes. All you need to do is to apply for the course online, they will teach you what it entails and you will understand it to the fullest.

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Content created and supplied by: Olaniyi.Ololade.Moses (via Opera News )

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