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Advice To Teachers Distracting Students In School

Before anybody should be qualified to teach others and be considered a teacher, he or she should be well trained in all aspect to teach. In speaking, writing and manners.

One of the important things to do as a teacher is for you to make sure nothing is distracting your students, in order to make them focus so they can understand what you are teaching. 

Teachers shouldn't be distracting their students. The main reason of this information is to advice our teachers out there, mostly female teachers. To please dress properly while in the presence of male students to avoid distraction

The opposite sex gets attracted to each other in so many ways. A minor act or appearance can cause a student to lose concentration of the moment and be drowned quickly in thoughts. A teacher is trained to teach and not to mislead or distract the future generation.

Please our teachers should dress properly and always appear responsibly in the presence of your students. They learn from what they see, hear and read. Thank you

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