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I Was Sent Away Because Of My Bad English During an Interview [Fiction]

I was sent away because of my bad English, during an exam interview. I have been looking for this teaching job, until God answer my prayer. I was very happy and even I celebrate it.

On that day, I can't sleep because I was very happy. That day is the day, I can never forget. Until I was called for the interview.

On Friday July, 17 I was called for the interview exam, to become the new English mistress.

the Exam questions were passed to her and a little while into the Exams, an invigilator came around, looked through her work and the following conversation took place:


Me: Yes.

INVIGILATOR: This Exam is for those who applied to be the next English teacher.

Me: I know that sir.

INVIGILATOR: Okay! Is this really the Exam you came for?

Me: Yes, it is.

INVIGILATOR: Hmm... because from what I've seen, you have failed all the questions in the English section.

Me: Me! fail English? That's un-possible!

That day, I was sent away because of my bad English. I don't even know, how? It happen.

Please what should I do?

My neighbors will be making jest of me, if they find out I was sent away.

Guys I need your help, I can't sleep since am typing this post, just to look for a person who will give me a suggestion or advice.

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