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If You Are A Student Schooling In The North, Be Cautious Of Doing These 5 Things For Your Safety

Insecurity has been a menace ravaging the country With the Northern region been the epicenter. A week hardly passes by without reports of banditry, kidnapping, or terrorism - the evil men perpetrating this heinous crime, have made schools their target putting the student at risk of being killed or abducted for ransom.

However, if you are a student schooling in the North, be cautious of doing these 5 things for your safety.

(1) Be cautious when staying in school hostels.

School hostels have now become the target of bandits. About a month ago, gunmen attacked the Federal College Of Forestry In Kaduna abducting students from their hostel accommodation.

Students schooling in the North are advised to stay off-campus amongst locals as it is safer. Staying in school hostels poses a dangerous risk with the rate of abduction going on in school hostels across the northern region.

(2) Be cautious of reading late at night on the school campus.

Most bandit attack usually happens late at night putting student present in the campus at serious risk.

If you reside off-campus and intend to read all through the night, endeavor to do that in the safety of your room.

(3) Avoid staying out late.

As a student, your sole purpose in school is to study your books. Though a little flexing is allowed, be very careful when having fun as criminals always have a way of detecting visitors and causing harm to them especially at night.

As a student who wants to have fun, you should endeavor to come back to your base before 10 pm and also go out in a group.

(4) Avoid revealing too many details about yourself.

Students should be cautious of what they reveal about themselves especially their financial status. It is very common to be set up by those you trust especially if they know your parents are financially buoyant.

To avoid being a target for kidnappers, reveal only what is necessary to people.

(5) Avoid acting rich.

Students are fond of acting rich on campus. Even if you are from a rich home, dress modestly as kidnappers are often after the rich since they are sure of getting ransom from their parents.

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Note: parents and guardians reading this should share this message with their wards to safeguard their lives.

The North is no doubt a nice place to be if you are security conscious.

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Federal College Of Forestry Kaduna North


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