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Meet The 14-Years-Old Boy Who Is The World Youngest Professor (photos).

This world is filled with many amazing individuals with great potential in them, in which when showed out or displayed many will keep wondering “is this or that possible".

Here is a boy with an Incredible Knowledge of statistics and Mathematics, a fourteen years old Yasha Asley is the world youngest professor also known as “Human Calculator". He is teaching in the University of Leicester while pursing his own degree. 

While most children of his age attend school and play in their free time this young boy of Iranian descent is enriching young minds. 

Yasha's father, Moussa Ashley, drops him to the university everyday. He expresses how proud he is of his son, who has always had Interest in Mathematics. Realizing his son's immense Knowledge and potential, he approached the University. 

Only 13 at a time, Yasha was contracted by the University, where the panel reviewing him was shocked at the extent of his Knowledge, he was then appointed as a professor in the University. His father now finds immense satisfaction seeing his child teach people who are older than himself. 

Yasha who wishes to complete his degree and purse his Ph.D says that the first time he met the panel they asked him a variety of questions. When he answered all of them they realized what an assets to the institution he could be. 

Joining at the guest professor at the University at such a young age he has to seek various from the HRD department. Even when the permission letter was presented to the University council, they found it extremely hard to believe. However once the council authorities met Yasha, they understood the contribution he could make to the school. 

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