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9 Guinness Book of Records anyone can easily break

Easiest ways to be a guineas world record breaker 

1. Most CDs balanced on one finger

All you have to do is to balance as many CDs as possible on your finger. However,

Current official record: 50

*You may not poke your finger through the holes of any of them or you would be disqualified; finger must be flat against the CD.

The current official record is :50. If you know you can do better than that, get up and break the record

2) Most Jell-O eaten with chopsticks in one minute

How many of you are good with chopsticks? 

If you are, dont hesitate to challenge yourself and be a Guinness record breaker. 

Current record:3.2 ounces

Note: what would be served is of Any flavor, and only one hand may be used while the other is held behind the back.

3). Fastest time to place 24 cans in a fridge

Sounds simple and is actually simple. All you need is a fast hand.

The current record: 9.76 seconds. Don't you think you can beat this?

Rules: Cans must be intact and unopened, must use a commercially available refrigerator, and it must begin with the door closed. Simple right? If any can falls over or any end up broken/dented during the process, the attempt is deemed invalid.

4) Fastest time to type the alphabet backwards on an iPad

I mean our crammers,where art thou. All you have to do is to cram the alphabet backwards and type it down

Current record: 2 seconds (currently under review)

However, Must be attempted on an unmodified iPad with official firmware, and may be typed uppercase or lowercase with no errors in between.

5). Fastest time to drink 500ml of water

Sounds fun if you ask me

Current record: 2.35 seconds

However, must use a clear glass and no spillages allowed. 

This is something that shouldn't be difficult. Practice it and go out there to break the record

6. )Most times jumped into a pair of underwear in 30 seconds

It would interest you to know that the current record:9. Can't you beat this?

Note: The underpants used must be brief-style and reflect the actual size of the person attempting the jump. 

Also, they must be fully pulled up to the waist then removed before the subsequent jump. Only jumps with both feet at the same time will be counted.

7). Most pushups with claps in one minute

The current record is 77. If you can do 2 in one second then you would beat this record. Think about it.

While playing however, No bending the knees or waist and your body must be lowered into a 90 degree angling 

Our military guys and lady's where una dey?

8). Most coins stacked into a tower in 30 seconds.

The Current record:51.Any coinage that carries a max thickness of 3mm is allowed, though only one hand can be used. The other hand should be kept behind. At the end of the 30 second period, they must remain standing for five seconds.

9). Most marshmallows eaten in one minute

Our chop chop. This is a chance to make you talent count.

Current record:25. It must be standard size (not mini or giant), and may only be eaten one at a time. There is no drinking allowed during the process

I'm sure y'all are motivated to be record breakers.

Content created and supplied by: Mharian009 (via Opera News )

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