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Lockdown: Five achievements by Nigerian students during lockdown

Since March 2020 Nigerian students have been at home due to the longest break and lockdown of states and restrictions of movements as well as to create social distance to avoid spread of disease. Many students have realized their potentialities and way to move forward even without schools while some are waiting for school to resumes to continue from where they have stopped.

Below are some achievements by some students during this lockdown

1. How to earn a living: Some students engaged in to handy business in to earn a living. Mist of the students that engaged in to business before they solely rely on their parents to give them pocket money while in school.

2. Social marketing: some students now learn how to do online business and earn a living while at their comfort of their house. This business are online advertisement, selling data, writing articles and so on.

3. Online courses: other students are busy making money while this category are busy learning and exploiting in other fields in order to widen their horizon of understanding

4. Brain relaxation: This category remained calm douy nothing just to make sure that their brain attained the zenith of relaxation and wipe out all the stress it passed through.

5 weight: The last category are laziest amongst all of them, because the only experience they gained is to it in order to add weights.

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