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May 29, 1966: How The Struggle For Biafra Nation Started From A Lecturer in Ahmadu Bello University

Let's go down the memory lane as we pay tribute to our fathers and mothers who laid their lives for the one Nigeria we now enjoy.

On this same day, May 29, 1966 a bloody riot began as a demonstration on the campus of the Institute of Administration ABU Zaria, after a lecturer in the class gave the students an example of entrepreneurship by telling them that if the Northerners don't work hard, in a short while the IBOS in their midst may take over their cities, since almost all the shops there belong to the IBOS, the message was misinterpreted by the students and they decided to attack the Ibos instead of bracing up for a competitive business, there was a mass slaughter of non-Northerners in Northern Nigeria. It was reported that 32 people were killed in the said riot. A number of government offices were attacked. Curfew imposed in Kano from 7am to 7pm.

This sad incident led to the pull out of Eastern Nigeria one year later on May 30 to form another country within a country. This is the genesis of Biafra which has become a name we have to cope with since then 

For those of you who don't know history, this is the genesis of the civil war Nigeria went through from 1967 to 1970.

How many things have changed so far? Can you narrate your civil war experience?

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