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Going to school is not enough to make you rich (opinion)

If going to school made you rich, then school Teachers would have been millionaires_ Robert Kiyosaki. 

To an average Nigerian, the only way to escape from abject poverty is to go the university to obtain a degree. Thereafter, you get a high paying job with degree. However, today that is a fairy tale as even those who graduated with a first class degree are unable to find high paying jobs. According to publications by Aljazeera an online website, young people aged 15 to 35, the figures are grim: 55.4 percent of them are without work. This goes only to confirm the rate of unemployment in Nigeria.

The indisputable fact is that going to school or education alone is not enough to make someone rich. Biography of world richest men can confirm this. Bill Gates, mark zukerberg, Steven Jobs et al are all college drop outs, but today they are among the richest people on earth. An average Nigerian is quick to point out that these men are from United States of America and not from Nigeria. However Bill Gates, Steven Jobs and co are rich today because of their creativity not because they are from USA. Again I say, going to school is not enough to make you rich but creativity and entrepreneurship can go along way to boost your financial life. 

Much emphasis has been laid on school. An unemployed graduate with a master's degree will still go on to pursue a doctorate degree. Why not use the tuition fees for that doctorate degree programme and start a business. Instead of looking for jobs why not create jobs. The way to wealth does not lie in university degrees but in creativity and entrepreneurship. The richest people in the world are entrepreneurs not people with highest number of degrees. Almost all billionaires are entrepreneurs, I am yet to know a university professor who is a billionaire. You can't become a billionaire by studying medicine or law alone, combine education with entrepreneurship.

Due to corona virus pandemic, Schools are closed. Universities are closed. Private school Teachers are out of their job. No monthly salary for them. If the pandemic persists, private university lecturers may also stop getting monthly salary. Millions of students are at home waiting for school to be reopened without earning a kobo. What school remain closed? What if they was no school? The hope of many to get rich by go to will be shattered. Going to school or education alone is not enough to make you rich. 

If going to school alone is not enough to make me rich, why go to school? No one saying you should leave school. Go to school as if school the only way to becoming a billionaire. Go into entrepreneurship as if school is a waste of time. 

Content created and supplied by: OkachiObogo (via Opera News )

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