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Ex Corper Causes Confusion as she Cries Bitterly After Receiving NYSC Discharge Certificate.

The day of Passing Out Parade(POP) is naturally supposed to be a day of celebration and gratitude for having completed the compulsory one-year National Youth Service Scheme(NYSC) for Nigerian youths who graduated below the age of 30 years from recognized Universities and Polytechnics or Monotechnics both within and outside the Country.

But in recent times in Nigeria, Passing Out Parade signifying successful completion of the NYSC service year and an end of monthly allowance popularly referred to as allawee has become a dreaded day for most corpers, because of the reality on the ground. Which is the high rate of unemployment in the country. And the difficulties of getting a job as a young graduate is becoming more difficult by the day.

So was the case of an unidentified beautiful female corper who caused confusion when busted into tears and started crying after receiving her NYSC certificate and was captured on video crying and saying she doesn't want the service year to end as she prefers receiving the monthly N33,000 allowance from the federal government than going into the labour market in search of a job. The reality of the monthly allowance has come to an end, and she knows the full well the difficulty of getting a job in a country like Nigeria.

It is a pity watching her cries because most of us understand her very well because that what most of us are facing as a graduate today in this country. Because being an employed graduate is a very difficult life, imagine after the difficulty of burning candles to read at night to pass the difficult examination and having a financial crisis to pay tuition fees and the costs of getting books because of having poor parents.

After graduating with the hope of getting a good job to make your poor parents happy and, unfortunately, there are no jobs for you to do as a graduate, and even getting a manual daily job is also not easy to come by these days. We sincerely hope things will get better in this country. To make life more difficult, if you fail to get a job before the age of 30 to 35 years you are no longer qualify for any job in Nigeria again. May God help us all.

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