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WAEC 2020 : How to Solve a Quadratic Equation With a Calculator

Calculator is a very essential material for every WAEC candidate and can't be left out in this year's WAEC. Being a calculator expect is one of the best way to pass mathematics tests.

This topic is very important and I plead with all readers, especially candidates not to skip through but rather take time and read over and over again.

There is a 90% chance of getting all mathematics objective questions correct if you really know how to use the calculator.

All tricks and shortcuts on the calculator will be thought one after the other under very important WAEC based mathematics syllabus.

I will teach you all tricks and shortcuts to solve ALGEBRAIC EXPRESSIONS in this article and base on your comments and topic preference to teach tricks and shortcuts to other topics you prefer.


Sometimes we are asked to find the total value of some algebraic expressions when the values of the individual variables in them are provided. All we need to do is to substitute the values in place of the variables in the expression. To do this type of work with the calculator, we follow almost the same approach as the one we have been using for linear equations. Let us check out the guide.

1. Input the expression on the calculator just as you do when putting an equation on the calculator.

2. After that,press the "CALC KEY" once.

3. You will now see your variable followed by a question mark on the screen.

4. Enter the values of the variables as provided in the question and press the equal to sign (=) when through.

Again, remember to press the equal to sign (=) after putting in the value of any variable.

Example 1. ( WASSCE 2009 JULY;8)

Find the value of. a² - 3ab + b³ when a= 2 and b= -3

A. 49. B. 13 C. -5. D. -19


You will see something like ( a? ) asking the value of 'a'. We were given that a=2, so put in '2' and press the equal to sign (=).

The screen now changes to ( b? ) asking the value of 'b'. We were given b= -2, so put in '-2' and press the equal to sign ( = ).

The calculator displays the answer as -5, therefore our correct answer is C. -5.

Trial Question.

Find the value of the expression a³ + 2ab² + b³ when a=2 and b= -1.

You must get '7' as an answer.

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