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My Lecturer Failed Me For Three Years Because I Told Him I Was 17 Years Of Age.-- Lady Says.

Some students undergo a lot of troubles with their academics and lots of them are very unfair. These teachers experience that they have the strength to fail their students even if they have achieved nothing to deserve such. This could be very unlucky as the whole thing must be finished on advantage and lecturers must abstain from bullying their college students mainly when they do nothing incorrect.

A female diagnosed as Queen Imma has discovered that during her first 12 months in the university, her lecturer called her an old lady because she changed into most effective in her first 12 months in school. The girl said that she told the lecturer that she is just 17 years of age but he got irritated because of her statement and failed her in that course for complete three years.

This triggered a whole lot of reactions on line and underneath are some of them:

Many would argue that the female has achieved not anything incorrect through letting her lecturer realize that she remains younger particularly after he insulted her in the first place. Failing her in his path for three years changed into very unfair due to the fact she was now not rude to him. Actions like such must/has to be curbed with the aid of the control of tertiary institutions as it's miles unfair justice to do such to a student who only desires to look at and make appropriate grades. What is your perspectives about this guys?

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