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Skills Focus: How To Study

Student often complain about problems with school work. For example look at the three problems Tunde,Kazeem and Aishat have.

Tunde problems some books are not easy to read, and I find it quite hard to understand some of them at times.

Kazeem problems I find there's to much reading to do. I can not keep up with it all.

Aishat problems I find it quite difficult to remember some books I read before.

What's is your own problem? Write it out and look for the solution to solve your problems.

Tunde problems solutions what should you do when you come across new words, and you are not sure of what it means? Here are 2 tips:

Try to infer the meaning of the word from the way it is used.

If you think that the word is unimportant , ignore it immediately.

Kazeem problems solution if you are short of time for reading and studying, there may be two answers:

Maybe you are not spending your study time efficiently.

Maybe you have not organized a personal sense of timing.

Aishat problems solution. Good ways of remembering things:

Don't just try to understand information try to understand them well and think about it.

Talking about your study.

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