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Overcoming Barrier In Two Minutes

You are ready to learn, feeling relaxed and alert. You have decided where you want to learn and have organized your learning environment. But somehow you never seem to get round to it.

Here are some common barriers with suggestions to how you can overcome them.

1. I haven't got enough sleep: If it is important, then you have to make time for it! Set aside small but regular amounts of time to fit in with your other commitments and think about giving yourself the whole day or weekends devoted to something you are Keen to learn.

2. I can't get the kind of learning I want near where I live or work: This maybe true at first sight, but you think more laterally. Can you get it online? You need to search a long way beyond the training department for the organization you work for.

3. What's on offer does not fit with the way I like to learn: The way you like learning is a helpful frist approach when searching for what you want, but will be limiting if you use it as an excuse for not trying something different.

4.I associate learning with school: Being talked at and sitting in rows. You are not alone.

5. Learning really turns me off: Learning does not have a good image for some people because in their mind they connect the word with education or training, things their told to do, sometime against their will. In fact most of us associate learning with discovery and searching out hidden talents.

6. Where I work learning is frowned on.

7. My other responsibilities means that much as i'd like to, I couldn't commit myself a course.

8. I didn't realize that "doing it yourself" was learning.

9. I am afraid it might changed things.

10. I am too old to learn.

11. I could possibly expose myself in front of my boss or those who work for me.

12.I am not good at learning and I will be humiliated in front of others.

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