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My funny experience as a teacher[Fiction]

I worked as a teacher in one of the schools in my state.I taught in one of the private schools and got paid peanuts as salary.I used to organize home lessons for children in my area after work to help me make more money but I barely made up to 10,000 naira a month from those lessons.

During the holidays,a neighbour approached me,she had a son in the final class of Junior secondary school and he had being at home for long without attending school,so she asked me to organize lessons for him.She could not afford a private teacher who would organize private classes for him,so she had to beg for him to be tutored in Mathematics only.

I gladly agreed to do that as my salary had being delayed and I needed money,when I asked her about the price,she said that we would negotiate it later.I agreed.The next day,the woman's son came over to my house,he brought his writing materials with him.I devoted 3 hours of my precious time to teach him,he seemed to be a slow learner so I had to take it gently with him.After classes that day,I told him to remind his mother of the need to speak with her about the negotiation of fees.He agreed to remind her and left.

The boy came for lessons for four consecutive days,when he was leaving,I reminded him to tell his mother to see me concerning the fees.After he left,I went about my normal activities.I had no money with me that day,so I went to bed on an empty stomach expecting something good in the morning.I woke up happily,though the pangs of hunger were hurting my stomach,I washed my face and brushed my teeth.Then I gulped down a big quantity of water to suppress the hunger.I waited patiently for my student to arrive.

Hours later,the gate opened,the boy entered stylishly with his school bag on his back.He was smiling like someone who bore good news.I smiled too as I replied his greetings hurriedly,then I inquired from him if his mother sent him to me. "Yes brother"He replied.I leaped in joy."She said that I should give this to you,she said that you should manage it" He said and handed to me a polythene bag.I gave him a puzzled look because that was not what I was expecting.I opened the bag,the first thing I bought out was a smaller bag which contained 1 cup of cassava flakes,i dropped it on the ground,the next bag i bought out contained chopped pumpkin leaves,at this point,I was trying to cool my temper.The next bag contained three seasoning cubes,1 pieces of dried fish with a smaller bag which contained little palm oil.I was totally disappointed.I looked up to express my disappointment to the boy,but he made matters worse.He stretched forth his hand and gave me 50 naira which his mum asked me to use in buying half bottle of Kerosene.I was left speechless for a minute.

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