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17 optical illusion that makes us think twice about how perfect our brains are

The word, Optical Illusion, comes from to words: Optical and Illusion. Optical, as science students would tell you, is a word closely related to the eyes. An illusion, on the other hand, is the presence of something that does not exist at all. Putting two and two together, we can therefore say that an optical illusion is an occurrence cause by our optical system (visual system) that makes us see thingsthat do not actually exist in reality.

Our brains in the process of inteprering visual information makes a terrible blunder when seeing optical illusions. Turns out our brains are not so smart and perfect afterall. A simple example of an optical illusion is the apparent bending of a stick dipped in water. In reality, the stick is straight but refraction causes an optical illusion and our brains is tricked into believing that the stick is bent.

Take a look at some of these interesting optical illusions:

The first five pictures appear to be in rapid shaking motion. Guess what: they are actually perfectly still.

When viewed from left to right or right to left, this picture would appear slightly move on its own. How weird is that for a perfectly motionless picture in reality?

What do you see?

If what your eyes see are circles that are shaking, then you are probably wrong.

This is actually my most favorite optical illusion. Do you know that the above picture can actually disappear? Simply focus on blue coloured shape at the bottom right of the picture for about 30 seconds. The picture would gradually fade away. What an illusion!

That picture is actually two in one, there a smiling lady there.

Shake your head rapidly to see the animal in this picture. If you have seen it, tell us the name in the comments section.

Our last optical illusion.

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