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How to make the weekend productive as a student

Students do not know what to engage in after weekdays of lectures, tests and other academic activities. 

You can engage in some productive activities that benefit you directly or indirectly.

Number one on the list is engaging in learning a skill.

Skills acquisition is paramount now besides whatever your certificate carries. You might have the highest cumulative grade point average (CGPA), but a skill streamlines it as it places you ahead to get your dream job.

The skills you acquire could be the one that get you your daily bread even without using the certificates.

Graphics design, programming, web design, printing, statistical analysis, writing, painting, tailoring, making hair and a lot more.

You might say all still comes down to money. Use your school free wifi to watch things that will benefit you, like graphic design or how to make something you are interested in.

From this point, you could learn how to add one or two things to what you have learnt to make it special.

Remember, someone made an aeroplane and another thought of making a parachute.

I know of a medical student who, despite the tight schedules in medical school, still finds time to go and do his tailoring work. 

Taking home lesson. The thought that comes to the mind of many is I don't want to be a teacher. Through this avenue, you are creating connection and also improving yourself. 

If you do well, you will be recommended for a better job or the lesson itself. If you are recommended taking a governor's child lesson, will you reject the offer? A "no" won't be the answer.

In life you just have to start somewhere, along the way you will find yourself where you wanted to be if you are patient enough.

The last on the list is going for exercise or jogging.

This is trouble for many. Exercise is free medicine that reduces the risk of cardiovascular (heart and blood vessels) disease. Cardiovascular is the number-one cause of death worldwide.

Exercise helps to refresh your system from all the accumulated stress both mentally and physically. Frequency, how often you do it, timing and the type of exercise are important.

Without sound health, your study will suffer. Stay healthy.


You can do all these on weekends.

So, students, make use of your weekends to get the best of it!

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