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Write your application letter this way for possible immediate employment (Opinion)

We live in a society where it is difficult to secure sustainable employment- or so it seems. Everyday, dozens of application letters are received by different companies, and organisations who pride themselves as employers of labour. Because of the daily consistent rise in the number of application letters these companies receive, many of such companies have come up with very strict rules regarding who they invite for interview, and whose letter of application sees the walls of a trash can. You may be called for interview, depending on how compelling, convincing and well poised your letter of application is.

These tips come in handy when you want to write an application letter to a company or an organization.

First, you must write your address correctly at the top right hand corner of your writing paper, and it should be written in block letters, or block form rather than slanty form. If there is any error in your "Writer's address" you may stand the chance of losing your call up or appointment letter if the company decides to deliver it by hand to the writer. This applies for hand written application letters only as some computer systems or laptops may not have this feature; the two addresses are written on the left hand side of the writing paper

Secondly, the receiver's address follows just below the Writer's address on the left hand side of your writing paper. It should be written in this order: the person to whom the letter is addressed for example "The Managing Director", the name of the company, and the business location of that company.

What follows next is the salutation. Do not make the mistake of asking after the well being of the recipient because it is a FORMAL letter and not INFORMAL; hence such pleasantries are not important. You must command an air of formality in and outside the paper( I hope you know what this implies).

Salutations like "Sir", is most welcome, but try not to prefix it with "Dear"; such that the salutation reads "Dear Sir" as this is already becoming old fashioned in the writing world.

Then, you must tell the purpose for which you are writing through a powerful headline. Conventional letter writers use "Letter of Application" or "Application Letter" for this section.

The most important of them all is the body of the letter. In your "body of the letter" make sure that you make known your educational background or history, working experience(s), skills and areas of proficience, and make sure you sound downright convincing while giving out those vital information.

Next is your complimentary close which includes the tag "Yours Sincerely", your name and your official signature only. You may attach your "Curriculum Vitae" to the letter- this is for additional information as you must have tried to make the letter as short and precise as possible. Your CV includes your Career Objectives, phone number(s), bio data, et cetra.

If you write your letter well, it is almost impossible for you not to be called for an interview which may be scheduled at the convenience of the interviewer(s).

Above all, you must pledge in your letter, to abide by all the company's rules and/or code of conduct for staff members if you're considered for employment. Also state if you will be available for immediate employment or not. If you will not be available be immediate employment, you may want to state your reasons in the letter too. Do not forget to include your phone number(s) and official Email in your CV.


Content created and supplied by: King_Ifeanyi (via Opera News )


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