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"My teacher told me my chances of being a pharmacist is not possible, today I dispensed her drugs"- Lady

No one indeed knows what tomorrow holds, and this is why it is important for one to never underestimate the capacity of any human, as this was quite the case of a lady, who has shared how she was, when young, disbelieved to be a pharmacist at an older age in life. Yes, everyone have a goal or purpose, and this was the goal of a lady who noted that she had wanted to become a pharmacist, but was doubted by her own very teacher.

According to Angela who took to her social media page to share how her chemistry teacher had told her, barely 10 years ago that her chances of becoming a pharmacist were next to nothing, and just probably not possible, but nonetheless was delighted to share that she finally have had the opportunity to prove that her dreams, her goal was attained by her, when her teacher back then was administered a drug by the student who she had disbelieved in. The lady noted that she had the opportunity to prescribe a drug for the teacher who had, 10 years ago told her that her chances of becoming a pharmacist was extremely low.

While the graduate of pharmacy added that she was grateful, despite what she went through with her during her school days, as she stressed that the revenge was proving her wrong, and with her papers, as she finally became what she had hoped to be. Many nonetheless gave various reactions as to such. What sweet and learning words indeed, as no one should ever be underestimated. What's your opinion towards this, put your thoughts in the comment section below, and share to others, as you can like and follow us for more interesting stories all around the world.

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