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Students that are writing JAMB in 2021 need to read this.

Having wrote jamb twice scoring 209 in the first and 320 in the second, I came to realize that EVERYTHING in life including utme is regulated principles.

it is very risky to live your life waiting always on miracles, while there are principles that can produce your desired results

I'm not in anyway condemning miracles, not at all , of course there's a place it.

Miracle is only an alternative when the principles of a result are not known.

so, if you follow the principles for passing utme which I will be sharing with you, I guarantee you a very excellent jamb result

PRINCIPLES are roadmaps that guide you to your desired end.

they are keys that open the portals of your desired end.

let me give you an example.

when someone gives you a key to bring something for him either in his car, house or room, you will confidently go because you have what it takes to get that.

This is exactly the way principles work.

the principles I will share with you are not philosophies I cooked up by myself, your destiny is too important for me to joke with.

They are based on God's word, and a thorough research of the secrets of jamb top scorers.

Practice these principles and see what your jamb result will look like

I assure you this will be your last jamb

please check my next Post for the first principle for smashing jamb utme.

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