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The Benefits Of Girl Child Education


The importance of girl child education can never be overemphasized.

A society is doomed when her women are not educated. 

Every girlchild deserves a decent education, at least up to a secondary school, before getting married.

Women are the reservoirs of social strengths.

Governments at all levels must pay special interest to this important aspect. All forms of barriers to female education must be ruthlessly dealth with. Barriers like early marriage, female child abuse and religious and societal myths against female child education must be discouraged at all cost.

Any society that ignores this important aspect is heading to oblivion. 

People must be made to understand that they are not training these girls for the good of the family the girl will marry into. 

The fact is that, no educated mother would want her children to be uneducated

You don't need to dig deep to know a child's inability to perform, academically, in school. Just locate her mother and find out her educational level. 

Children stay 70% with their mother from the day they were born to at least 10 years of age. At this age range, their retentive memory is very sharp. They can copy anything. 

So, most of the things they know at the from 10 years up are gotten from their mother. Mothers are instrumental in their children early educational foundation. 

No wonder, apart from the harsh economy of the country, we have many cases of child mortality rate, diseases etc. All these are traceable to the ignorance of their mothers occasioned by lack of education. Remember, ignorance is a disease.

I am therefore making a clarion call that every avenue needed to ensure our girls are educated should be exploited without minding the cost. The returns outweigh that of the boys.

A society with high population of educated and brilliant women is blessed.

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