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10 Ways Our Country Nigeria Kills Your Dream (opinion)

1. Your Parents would kill your confidence with extreme discipline and fear.

2. You will be commanded to follow orders not question or challenge them.

3. Being well behaved is defined as when you are quiet and never express or voice what you think.

4. You will be expected to be led by others just because they are older than you are – not necessarily wiser or smarter.

5. You will receive orders on how to live your life and essentially function on autopilot; you’ll forget you have a brain.

6. There will be no (or very little) electric power but you will be expected to pass your grades in school using candles and kerosene lanterns.

7. The entrance exam (JAMB) into the University will be so strangely hard, you might waste 1-5 years before you pass it.

8. When you pass, you might not be able to get into the University of your choice or be able to study the program of your choice. So you might be a Maths wiz but be stuck in an Agricultural program.

9. Your lecturers will be against you at every turn, they will frustrate you with outdated course outlines, crowded classrooms, and actually make it hard for you to succeed (easy for you to fail).

10. You will graduate and the country will have no job for you and your peers.

11. You have some incredible new business idea, but many factors like constant power, internet, many forms of bribery & corruption, lack of access to loans will make you give up on those dreams, & return back to your suffering life.

12. The government will tax you from all aspects of your life while every infrastructure around you crumbles.

13. Your Pastor will tell you that the only way to being successful, making heaven and receiving spiritual blessings is to give generously. He will only be on the receiving end of it all. In the end, he will become increasingly successful while you remain stagnant or gradually plunge into extreme poverty.

Oh, that more than 10. What am saying In essence is, your true self would be destroyed just before you hit puberty and then the government would perform the final coup de grâce. In Mortal Kombat Voice, “Finish him!”.

Content created and supplied by: @Sciencekitspage (via Opera News )

Agricultural JAMB Nigeria University


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