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Three Reasons Why You Should Learn A Skill During Your NYSC Scheme

According to, skill acquisition is the art of learning to do something in order to earn a living and or to survive. The skill acquisition include mechanic, welder, fashion designing, vulcanizer, e.t.c.

Sources: The Chronicle of Education

Moreover, it is needful that one must learn a skill in order to survive life challenges that await such in the future to come. Many corp members believe that there is a white collar job that awaits them immediately after their tertiary education but such beliefs is tempting as one cannot really rely on it because it can not be predictable if truly it will therefore, the only hope one can beckon on is skill acquisition in order to survive the day. There are many reasons why young graduates who are currently serving under the NYSC scheme should utilize their that SAED program to acquire one skill acquisition or the other but we shall examine three reasons why corp members must learn a skill before passing out from the scheme. They include:

1. For the purpose of survival: One of the main reasons for learning a skill is for survival first because when one becomes an expert in such field, he or she can utilize it to earn a living that will be able to sustain him and his family. Learning a skill will provide such graduate the ability to earn money to cater for his primary need without depending on the government or private firm for job.

Source: Tribune Online

2. To break away from white collar jobs: In our society today, white collar job are really scarce to get employment from and in most cases, the pay are less compared to the work load that await such employee. So, it is needful that as a corp member, you must utilize the SAED program to acquaint yourself of special skill that can meet the requirements of the present society and that then make you become an employer of labour. You should note that what you stand to gain from becoming your own boss can never be compared to what you will be paid from such white collar jobs.

3. Reduction of crime: Statistics has unveiled that unemployment is responsible for the high rate of crime in our society and to curb this menace, there is need for such youth to be occupied with a skill or a job. As a Corp member, engaging in skill acquisition will help make stop such person from indulging in any crime due to the fact that it will generate a lot of income and make the person live comfortably without stress. Such corp member can also use his acquired skill to win those out there who are already into different crimes in the society.

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