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Admission 2020/2021: This is the reason you might not get admitted in your choice of school.

You must have opened this article because you are either applying to be admitted or someone you know wants to apply. However,you are fortunately at the right place.

You must have read the admission guidelines signed by JAMB’s Registrar, Is-haq Oloyede, on Sunday the 19th day of July 2020. Nevertheless if you haven't,I will brief you on that before alighting at the headline.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has approved August 21 for tertiary institutions to commence its first and second choice admission for the 2020/2021 session. All admission is to be conducted on the Central Admission Processing System CAPS), and all institutions were warned not to default the guidelines for the 2020/2021 admission.

The admission body in charge of tertiary education admission had implemented measures to ensure that the 2020/2021 admission is transparent and fair. In as much as the admission body wants a credible and reliable conducts of admission by tertiary institutions,some rascals still want to breach that sovereignty.

Every student should be cautious and concious due to the recent developments. Below are some basic reasons you might not get admitted into your choice of school.

1: The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board is committed to a fair admission for the 2020/2021 candidates, therefore candidates who still nurtures a weird desire to cheat in any way,will be disappointed to make a futile effort.

2: Don't recline to the many informations you see online. Bloggers who post these things are outrightly in quest of traffic's which will increase their earnings. Therefore I urge you to be careful with the informations you believe and trust. Seek proper admission information by following the official JAMB Twitter handle, more like other Social media platforms,you can also connect with them on other handles.

3: The fact that all admission process is going to be conducted via the JAMB CAPS(Central Admission Processing System) gives you more reason to desist from any form of illegal admission process that guarantees official admission.

4: No tertiary institution in Nigeria will ever grant a single admission without the consent of the board,whereas all admission is controlled and observed by the Joint Admission and Matriculation board. This explains that no tertiary institution can default the set regulations signed by the board. Perhaps if you think tertiary institutions will be the determinants of your admission,then you might end up not having one. No tertiary institution is will grant admission out the set guidelines.

5: No miracle will occur in this order of arrangement. If you didn't attain the minimum cut of mark set for every tertiary institution, ranging from universities to polytechnics,and college of education. To avoid regrets,if you didn't at least reached the cut off marks set by JAMB then don't waste time applying for an aptitude test. Make a change of course to the institution your score suited. For universities,the cut off mark is 160, polytechnics are limited to 120, while college of education goes for 100. Having reached the set cut off mark for JAMB does not guarantee an automatic admission. It is incumbent on you to search and research on your choice of school cut off mark.

6: Schools are to personally conduct their Admission process and initiate their procedures for accessing candidates. This should therefore give you more reason to read and study,as you prepare yourself for any methods that exist. Some schools will initiate strict or rigid means of accessing candidates while others might make theirs flexible and easy for candidates.

7: It is necessary to get the right information concerning your choice of school. Some aspirants end up missing their admission due to lack of the basic information. You should know the when,where,why and how's of your choice of school.

8: There is a lot great opportunity for the 2020/2021 candidates because of the negative effect of the pandemic which affected the West Africa Examination council (WAEC) whilst it's 2020 candidates was also affected. If you are yet to have a WASSCE or WAEC certificate then you are not going to gain any admission. Admission is resorted to candidates that can provide a valid high school certification from WAEC or NECO.

9: A lot of fraudsters are online seeking for a victim,don't fall for them. Ensure you register in the right tab and school portal of your choice so that your admission won't be invalid or null.

10: If your high school certificate grades from WAEC or NECO is not good enough for your desired school and course,it will affect your admission. Ensure your grades tally with the minimum grades for your course of choice.

Hope you were enlightened and informed. Take to the comment section below to err your views, opinions and suggestions. Also ask your questions as we will get to it soon.

Don't forget to follow for more updates on JAMB admission. You need to have the right information and we are absolutely committed to it. We will keep you updated on JAMB, don't miss out. Also like and share to others,you can help them avoid these mistakes by sharing this information to them.

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Is-haq Oloyede JAMB Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board


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