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Top countries with the most beautiful school uniform in the world (see photos)

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Uniforms are the first thing that always comes to our mind when thinking of the school days. Most others hated it while others do love it.

The practice of schools wearing uniforms had been adopted by many countries for years, which is now commonly practice by most countries but not all countries do wear uniforms to school.

Uniforms can be regarded as a way of promotion social equality amongst students. All countries have their unique style of wearing their uniforms but it really depends on the students and how they maintained it.

Some countries has tools used in maintaining their uniforms will others don't, most used the best material for it with makes it different from others.

Below are pictures of some countries with the best uniforms.

1. Australia

2. South Korea

3. Nigeria

4. Japan

5. England

6. China

Which country do you thinks has the best uniforms from the above ones mentioned?

Thanks for reading.

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Australia England Japan Nigeria South Korea


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