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Opinion :Open Letter to Some Brainwashed Nigerian Students

Some Nigeria youths are very lazy set of people , they prefer to even waste their education.They would like to stay at home for years as long as they see food to eat,meanwhile federal government is about to conduct election for two states Edo and ondo, over 2million will vote.

Meanwhile, Government teachers don't care because they receive salary monthly at home, just seating and enjoying, while private school teachers suffer. Assu is supporting Luckdown because they are still consistently receiving salary during this period..

It's only education corona will affect and the Nigerian youth are not bothered, because they know that they have parents that still feed them even if they don't go to school.The useless youths and students will be commenting on social media " who dem help, I want to stay home abeg, I like the Lockdown like that, abeg school na scam".

you want to waste your precious education at home abi?

1. Tell me something, the churches that have opened, how many of them are observing social distancing?

Even churches that have thousands of members ooh.. do u even know what is called corona? U think it's by using cloth to cover nose u have prevented it abi?

2. Let's check the market places, do you want to tell me non of ur family members have gone to the market?

Can u swear that the markets observed social distancing?, Out of the hundreds of thousands of people that come to the market oo..

3. Now they want to conduct election for two states, voters more than 2million..

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