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She was always bullied in school, look what her mother did

Everybody knows that mothers can be annoying at some point but we still loved them no matter what.A mother writes a letter to her daughter after she was body shamed in school because of her curves and beauty.See what the letter contains.

My Dear Mel,

I hope you are okay?I know you have been going through some difficult time in school.It's never been easy for us especially when we are blacks. I went through similar issues as you are experiencing now.In high school I was curvy,slim and impressively smart but most of all a black with an endowed body.Although I had all this my schoolmates didn't like me because of my colour and shape.They mocked me and made me feel inferior about myself but that didn't stop me from being the best in school even though I was broken inside.I remember the white teacher who helped me embrace who I was.It was on a Friday evening I can't forget during Art and Crafts,a boy by name Steve had scribbled my name on a paper with a drawing representing my curved body with no clothes on.He passed the paper around the class and by the end of the class it got to me.I felt so embarrassed of my body that I prayed right there that they did disappear from my body.I stayed in class crying until a teacher, Miss Blossom came in and consoled me asking me to narrate what happened so I did.Then I remember her say "You shouldn't be crying Steph when most white girls in this school wished they had your curves, beauty and brain." "Really "I said.Her reply came as a shock when she told me they say that alot in the hallway.She quoted Eleanor Roosevelt saying "No one can make you inferior without your consent ."Ever since then I became braver and strong.You should always love yourself no matter what and bullies always bully people they feel are better than they are.

My baby girl,my daughter,my princess remember that every part of you were designed by God.I know you're sad and if you really want to talk about what happened today am here.

I love you,


#friction #motherlylove

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