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This app will reduce the amount of money you spend on school literature books!!

I found this wonderful app on Google play store. It’s called Anybooks. At first glance, I thought that it was one of the numerous fake e-book apps. But then, after I tested it, I found out that it was the best e-book app I had ever used.

One great benefit it brought me was the app greatly reduced my budget for school books. With a little above 4000naira, I gained free access to millions of books available in the app. I found some of the classics that are usually recommended by Nigerian schools. Some of them include;

The Incorruptible Judge 

The Concubine 

Arrow of God 

Animal Farm

The Village boy

This is Our Chance 

Purple Hibiscus

Oliver twist


Also, it freed me from boredom. During this Covid-19 period, as some of you may know, there's nothing more unpleasant than boredom. The app, with it's cornucopia of novels, immerses the reader into a sea of mythology, fiction, thriller, biographies, romance, education, and even the young adult genres.

Lastly, it will go a long way in indulging our psyche and ,consequently, will ultimately wipe out the plague that is idleness from the mind of the reader.

In conclusion, this app will help you as a student to engage yourselves, and also the parents, as less money will be spent on books.

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Here’s a link to download the app.

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